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Aaron Rodgers will win 3 Superbowls in his career. $5.00. (1) DAVID - YES DAN - NO
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EPISODE 11.1 1. Travis Kelce will retire before 2024 training camp. 2. Krik Cousins will be the starting quarterback for the 2024 Minnesota Vikings. 3. The Green Bay Packers will win at least 12 games and be the 2024 NFC North Champions. 4. DaVante Adams will be a New York Jet in 2024. 5. Stephon Diggs will be a Buffalo Bill in 2024. 6. Joe Biden will back out of the Presidential race in May and Michelle Obama will be named the democrat candidate for President at the convention. EPISODE 11.2 1. With Aaron Rodgers as their QB, The Jets fall short of making the playoffs in 2024. 2. CJ Stroud will set NFL passing records in his second season with Houston. 3. Chicago will keep Justin Fields and trade out of the #1 overall draft position. 4. Drake Maye will be the #1 overall pick in the 2024 NFL draft. 5. Stetson Bennett will lead the Los Angeles Rams to the playoffs in 2024. 6. Fewer than 1,000 Tesla Cybertrucks will be delivered to customers in 2024. EPISODE 11.3 1. The Baltimore Ravens will select a WR in the first round of the 2024 draft. 2. Sean Payton WILL NOT draft a QB until at least the 3rd round of the 2024 draft. 3. The Bears will have 3 or more top 20 picks in the draft. 4. The Washington Commanders will have the #1 pick in the draft OR select Caleb Williams with the #2 pick. 5. The Seattle Seahawks trade up in the first round to select J.J. McCarthy. 6. At least one member of a boy band will die in 2024. EPISODE 11.4 1. Bryce Young will outplay the 2024 QB rookie class in a bounce back campaign. 2. The New Orleans Saints will have their division locked up within 3 weeks of Thanksgiving. 3. Atlanta will finish the season 7-10. 4. The Cowboys will extend Dak Prescott before the season making him the highest paid QB in the NFL. 5. Alvin Kamara rejoins Sean Payton in Denver. 6. Selena Gomez gets married and pregnant in 2024. EPISODE 11.5 1. J. J. McCarthy will be a top 8 pick in the NFL draft. 2. The Chargers will reach the AFC Conference Championship in Jim Harbaugh’s first season. 3. The Chargers will make the playoffs and LOSE to John Harbaugh. 4. The Denver Broncos will draft Bo Nix in the 2024 NFL Draft. 5. The Green Bay Packers will have TWO 1,000 yard receivers. 6. Shohei Ohtani will lead the major leagues in homeruns for 2024. EPISODE 11.6 1. Michael Penix will be selected by the Miami Dolphins with the #55 pick in the draft. 2. The Texans will NOT win more games than they did in 2023. 3. Anthony Richardson will win Comeback Player Of The Year in 2024. 4. The Titans will win 4 or fewer games in 2024. 5. The Cincinnati Bengals will lead the NFL in total offense en route to a Super Bowl victory. 6. TikTok will make a move to acquire Netflix and Spotify in a takeover bid in 2024. EPISODE 11.7 1. Brandon Aiyuk will be traded to New England during the draft. 2. Brandon Aiyuk will be traded to New York Jets during the draft. 3. The Arizona Cardinals will trade away the #4 pick in the 2024 draft. 4. The Atlanta Falcons will take the first defensive player with the #8 pick in the 2024 draft. 5. The Chicago Bear trade DOWN from the #9 pick in the NFL draft. 6. Renewables will overtake coal in global electricity generation in 2024. EPISODE 11.8 1. Detroit will have the NFL’s best record in 2024. 2. Josh Allen will win MVP for the 2024 season. 3. Kirk Cousins will pass for 4,000+ yards and 25+ touchdowns with the Falcons. 4. Ezekiel Elliott will outperform his 2023 stats of 642 yards rushing and 3.5 average. 5. Bo Nix will outperform the other rookie QBs in Dynasty scoring for 2024. 6. TikTok will come for Netflix and Spotify in a takeover move iin 2024. EPISODE 11.9 1. Jordan Love maintains the production level he established in weeks 9-18 of 2023. 2. Ladd McConkey will lead the Los Angeles Chargers in receiving yards for 2024. 3. Brock Bowers will lead the Las Vegas Raiders in TD receptions for 2024. 4. Michael Penix will start more than 3 games for Atlanta in 2024. 5. J.J. Watt will play for Houston in 2024. 6. Elon Musk will either lose control of or sell off X in 2024. EPISODE 11.10 1. The Chicago Bears will receive a 2nd round pick to complete the trade of Justin Fields to Pittsburgh. 2. Aaron Rodgers wins the 2024 MVP. 3. Aaron Rodgers wins the 2024 Comback Player Of The Year award. 4. The New York Jets Make the AFC Championship game in 2024. 5. The Green Bay Packers win both the NFC North and Conference Championship in 2024 6. Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift end their relationship before the beginning of the 2024 regular season.